Mar 11

The the question most of you will be asking is. What is an REC?

Well A R.E.C or Renewable Energy Certificate is a new government idea for green energy. Basically a REC works kind of like a share in the stock market does. 1 REC representes 1 MWh(Mega Watt Hour) of renewable electricity displace by a solar hot water system or heat pump etc. The value of these RECs increase and decrease depending on the market and you can buy and sell them whenever you see fit. When you purchase an energy efficient hot water system you are assigned a certain amount of RECs depending on how efficient your system is. RECs are electronic certificates that are publicly available on an internet database ( In the case of solar hot water systems they are rated for their electric displacement over a ten year period.

For an average solar hot water system should be assigned about  1 RECs = 1 MWh saving over ten years. So an average hot water will save about 33MWh  over ten year there fore 3300kWh (kilo watt hour) saving per year and 33 RECs. Every solar hot water model is listed induvidually within the  Federal Government Legislation.

RECs are only available to:

- Installations where they replace an existing electric system
- Any new installation
- Reduced RECs are available when an electric-boosted solar replaces an electric-boosted solar.

The greener your unit – the more RECs assigned to it. The value of the REC is determinded by the market demand like I said earlier kind of like stocks.

Whomever owns the house when the water heater is installed has the rights to the RECs.

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