Mar 16

As you have probably heard on the news over the past few months there have been some very dramatic changes to the federal and state rebates regarding hot water and insulation. To make things as simple as possible the changes are listed below.

Federal Government Rebates:

Insulation rebate – Scrapped due to Mr Garrett’s poor planning and execution of the scheme.
Solar Hot Water – Reduced from $1,600 down to $1,000 due to budget blow outs.
Heat Pump Units – Reduced from $1,000 down to $600 due to budget blow outs.

State Government Rebates:

The state governments proposed 200,000 Solar Hot Water Units for $500 has been scrapped because of he federal governments reduction of their Solar Hot Water Rebate leaving a $100M gap in the budget. However Anna Bligh has promised a new scheme to be introduced by the end of April. We will keep you posted.

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