Jul 27
Heat Pump Cross Section

Heat Pump Cross Section

Over 30% of your houslehold electricity in most cases can be attributed to your hot water system. This can cost you as much as $700 per year, imagine if you could save that money

and spend it on something else. Apricus has developed a new solar technology that is the most efficient solar hot water unit so far. Using an evacuated tube system Apricus hot water systems passively track the sun throughout the day gaining more and more energy.

Flat panel system are only working at full capacity for a small fragment of the day, while the sun is directly overhead. Due the the evacuated tube system the Apricus unit is running at a hig efficiency rate for much longer period of the day.

The federal government grant plus the local government grant plus the RECs can mean that you can get this fantastic new system installd for about the price of a bottom of the range electric unit, but act fast as the expiry date for these grants is closing in fast.

Contact ANSA Plumbing on 1800 My ANSA NOW! Before time runs out.

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