Jun 23

Queensland’s Green Future

As of the 1st of March 2006 the premier had banned the installation of electric hot water systems in new homes. The premier then proclamed in 2007 that he would impose a range of incentives and initiatives that would be introduced as a part of the ClimateSmart 2050 policy. Among many others, one of these initiatives was the complete phase out of the energy hungry electric hot water systems (hws).  The first phase begins at the begining of  January, 2010 where all houses within a gas reticulated areas are required to install a greenhouse efficient hws when their existing hws breaks or needs replacing. Electric hws will not be able to be purchased or installed for domestic use within the gas reticulated areas. The next stage which entails all other homes across the state must install an energy efficient hws when there current hws breaks or needs replacing this will occur at a date yet to be confirmed by the premier.

The government phase out of electric hws is simply because the average domestic hws accounts for up to 35% of a Queensland household energy bill. Swapping out the existing systems with a more energy efficient system will dramatically decrease the strain on our power plants (up to 300 megawatts per year), as the vast majority of QLDs power plant use coal this will greatly reduce our carbon emissions (up to 2.6 million tonnes a year).  This reduced demand is the equivalent of 328,000 homes, which is all the houses in Brisbane not using any energy for a year.

If you are worried about the cot of having to upgrade to energy efficient hws then never fear. The cost of these systems are declining every year as the demand increases so doe sthe ability of the companies to mass produce and compete with each other. There are also many rebates available for energy efficient hws including $300 from the “Department of Mines and Energy” for a hot water system of at least 5 stars, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), the federal Hot Water Rebate of $1,600, the Brisbane city council Solar Hot Water Rebate. Which can dramatically decrease the cost in some case over 60% off.

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