Jul 27
Heat Pump Cross Section

Heat Pump Cross Section

Over 30% of your houslehold electricity in most cases can be attributed to your hot water system. This can cost you as much as $700 per year, imagine if you could save that money

and spend it on something else. Apricus has developed a new solar technology that is the most efficient solar hot water unit so far. Using an evacuated tube system Apricus hot water systems passively track the sun throughout the day gaining more and more energy.

Flat panel system are only working at full capacity for a small fragment of the day, while the sun is directly overhead. Due the the evacuated tube system the Apricus unit is running at a hig efficiency rate for much longer period of the day.

The federal government grant plus the local government grant plus the RECs can mean that you can get this fantastic new system installd for about the price of a bottom of the range electric unit, but act fast as the expiry date for these grants is closing in fast.

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Jul 21

Government rebates saving you thousands to help make the world a better place to live.

Over three million homes are set to benefit from the Australian Governments’ $4 Billion Energy Efficient Homes package. You and your family could be one of the 3 million households eligible to apply for the Energy Efficient Homes Package.

What the government has on offer

The three offers under the Energy Efficient Homes Package are as follows:

1. Up to $1,600 for owner –occupiers to install ceiling insulation in their existing privately-owned principal place of residence, through the Homeowner Insulation Program.


2. A $1,600 rebate for owner-occupiers, landlords or tenants to replace their existing electric storage hot water system with an eligible solar or heat pump hot water system, through the Solar Hot Water Rebate.

3. Up to $1,000 for landlords or tenants to install ceiling insulation in private rental and other properties (including holiday homes), through the Low Emission Assistance Plan for Renters.

These technologies can significantly decrease the amount of energy used to heat your home and water. As much as 35% of the heat lost from a house can be attributed to not having ceiling insulated. Water heating contributes as much as 30% to your home electricity bill. With power price rises already in effect installing a solar hot water system could save you up to $700 a year.

This rebate can reduce the cost of a standard swap from an electric hot water system to an Energy Efficient System from $4,200 – $1,600 (Energy Efficient Homes Package) – $400 (State Rebate) = $2,200 for a brand new Heat pump swap, that is a saving of $2,000!

The $1,600 rebate is available for people who replace an existing electric hot water system with an eligible heat pump or solar system, purchased and installed between 3rd February 2009 and 30th June 2012. This is available to owner-occupiers, landlords and tenants. Tenants must obtain permission from the landlord before installing a new system.

The $1,600 Solar Hot Water Rebate is only available to people who have not already accessed support to install ceiling insulation through the Homeowner Insulation Program.


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