Jul 18

Water rates in Brisbane and throughout South East QLD are going up. This is a perfect opportunity for you get a water audit on your fittings. This will let you know where in your house you can save water and money.

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Mar 16

ANSA Plumbing is now an alliance partner with Green Plumbers. This means that was have met all the criteria to be certified as an environmentally conscious business providing top notch service and performance whilst having as minimal effect as possible on the environment. To find out more about Green Plumbers, click here.

Nov 03

The Queensland Government is introducing new sustainable housing laws to improve the water and energy efficiency of our homes and encourage smarter more efficient designs.

What is a sustainable house?

Sustainable housing is a simple concept, the trick is working out how to make the home use as little, water and energy as possible. Utilising smart design and clever room planning. Queensland attracts thousands of new residents each year putting an ever growing strain on our resources. It is for this reason a number of new laws came into effect on the first of March 2009, with others being introduced throughout the year until March 2010.

All new houses, townhouses, units and any major renovations will be required to hold a 5 star energy equivalence rating or higher. This rating takes in consideration the design of the building, the roof, walls, windows and floors as well as many other factors. It does not however include the use of efficient fixtures such as lighting, water heating etc.

Ways in which your home can improve it’s star rating are, northern orientation of living rooms, natural ventilation, insulation, treated glazing and many more. It is estimated that 5 star housing will save over 500,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases by 2020 equivalent to taking 119,000 cars off the road.

The 5 star homes not only benefit the environment but they are also more comfortable to live in cheaper to heat and cool minimising your electricity/gas bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Aug 13

Mosquitoes can make your water tank into a disease breeding ground!

However with modern, well maintained tanks that have been installed correctly and to Australian standard this can be prevented. According to the Australian Rainwater Industry Development Group (ARID), today’s high quality, modern tanks ensures that even people who live in the tropics can enjoy the benefits of home rainwater storage without the fear of mosquito infestation.

Modern Slimline Tank

Modern Slimline Tank

The key is ensuring your tank is well maintained and installed by a professional plumber. The current anti-mozzie Australian standards includes:

- Mosquito proof screens no larger than 1mm on all outlets, overflows and other openings.

- All lids, covers and inlet downpipes must be close fitted to ensure mosquitoes can not enter the tank.

- The water must be inspected at regular intervals.

For extra peace of mind, there are even treatments available that can be added to your rainwater to alter the surface-tension of the water preventing mosquitos from landing and laying their eggs and killing any larvae that may be present.

ARID recommends anyone with old watertanks contact a professional plumber immediately to quote on a solution to mosquito proof or upgrade to a modern tank.

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