Aug 26

ANSA Plumbing is now installing ceiling insulation, and the good news for you is that you can get it installed by our quality insulation installers for free. Using the governments rebate most homes can get insulation installed with little or no outlay at all. The government is offering $1,600 for owner occupiers which can cover the matieral and labour costs of most 145m2 houses. There is also a $1,000 rebate for rentals, holiday homes and alike which can cover the materials and labour costs of most 100m2 houses.

Since the change in legislation on the 30th of June 2009 businesses that install the insulation can now claim the rebate on behalf of the customer which means that in most cases you won’t have to outlay any money at all. Just sign a few forms and will can book in a time and fill in all the paper work for you. NO hassle NO worries.

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** Update **

Due to the enormous response to the Federal Government Energy Efficient homes rebate scheme (over 120,000 households have had their application approved.) the rebate for rental/holidays homes has been increased from the original $1,000 up to $1,600. The owner/occupier rebate remains at $1,600.

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Jul 27
Heat Pump Cross Section

Heat Pump Cross Section

Over 30% of your houslehold electricity in most cases can be attributed to your hot water system. This can cost you as much as $700 per year, imagine if you could save that money

and spend it on something else. Apricus has developed a new solar technology that is the most efficient solar hot water unit so far. Using an evacuated tube system Apricus hot water systems passively track the sun throughout the day gaining more and more energy.

Flat panel system are only working at full capacity for a small fragment of the day, while the sun is directly overhead. Due the the evacuated tube system the Apricus unit is running at a hig efficiency rate for much longer period of the day.

The federal government grant plus the local government grant plus the RECs can mean that you can get this fantastic new system installd for about the price of a bottom of the range electric unit, but act fast as the expiry date for these grants is closing in fast.

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Mar 22

Heat Pump. One of the latest crazes in home hot water. Over the last year heat pumps have improved dramatically.

Heat pumps are now even quieter, more efficient and easier to install. Heat pump are a viable alternative (in most cases) to an electric hot water system. Heat Pumps are energy efficient, using much less power than a standard electric unit, so much less the government both federal and state provides rebate and RECs for their installation.

There has recently been a surge in the demand for energy efficient alternatives for everything as of late. This inturn has stoked the fire for many companies to create the best unit for the consumers needs. Reece has create a website to help you decide which unit will suit your needs best. Vist

If you have any questions regarding RECs please see our blog on RECs.